Systems Society of India conducts National Systems Conference (NSC) in December every year since 1973.  The National Systems Conference is a major annual event to provide an interactive and professional platform to active Systems professionals to exchange and share information and experiences in this vital field. The conference is generally hosted by reputed academic Institutions and R&D organizations. So far 31 conferences have been held across the country. Some of the Institutions/R&D   organizations who hosted NSC are IITs, IISC, NITs, Reputed universities like BHU and R&D organizations like VSSC, ISAC, RCI, NIO, GOA. NSC is generally conducted over two days. The theme of the conference is generally decided by the host organization in consultation with the Executive committee of SSI. The following Awards are given away during the Inaugural session of NSC.

NSC has a tradition of selecting the Best theory papers, Best application papers and Best presentation papers in technical session and the certificates are issued to the winners in the valedictory function. Technical exhibitions are encouraged during NSC so that delegates are exposed to the latest development. The Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) is held on the 1st day of NSC.

The following are the list of institutions/organizations where NSCs were held in previous years.

Year Institution Place
2007 MIT Manipal
2006 NIO Goa
2005 Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
2004 Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore
2003 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
2002 INCOIS Hyderabad
2001 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore
2000 ISRO Satellite Centre Bangalore
1999 nstitute of Technology,BHU Varanasi
1998 Regional Engineering College Kozhikode
1997 Research Centre Imarat Hyderabad
1996 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Thiruvananthapuram

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The following lectures are also organized during NSC.

1. Ramanujan Memorial lectures, Instituted by Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Ramanujan Memorial Lecture is sponsored by IIT, Kanpur and delivered during National Systems Conference every year immediately following the Inaugural function. The speaker is a leading Scientist/Engineer of socio-economic expert whose talk deals with the inter-play of Scientific development and socio-economic environment.

The following is the list of people who have delivered the lecture.

Year Speaker Affiliation
2007 Dr. K. N. Shankara Director, ISAC
2006 Dr.K.Radhakrishnan Director, NRSA
2005 Mr.Prahalad Director, DRDL
2004 Dr.Soumitro Banerjee IIT Kharagpur
2003 Dr.S.P.Gon Choudhri Director, West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Authority (WBREDA)
2002 Dr.P.S.Goel Director, ISAC
2001 Dr.B.N.Suresh Associate Director, VSSC
2000 Dr.T.S.Prahlad Director, NAL Bangalore
1999 Shri. S.C.Tiwari Institute of Natural Philosophy, Varanasi
1998 Prof.S.Kak BHU, Varanasi
1997 Prof.M.Vidyasagar Former Director, CAIR, Bangalore
1996 Shri.R.M.Vasagam Former VC, Anna University

2. Prof.M.N.Gopalan Endowment Lecture

Prof.M.N.Goplan Endowment Lecture is delivered related to Systems Reliability during every NSC at premier time on any day. The Lecture was instituted by Prof.M.N.Goplan, former Professor of Shri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore. The first lecture was delivered NSC-2001.

The list of persons who delivered the lecture in the past.

Year Speaker Affiliation
2007 Prof. M. Seetharama Bhat IISc Bangalore
2006 Prof. Varma IIT Bombay
2005 Mr.Prahalad Director, DRDL
2004 Dr.Ravi Kishore Project Leader, HCL Technology Ltd.
2003 Dr.P.S.Suha Professor, Biomedical Energy School of Medical Sciences and Technology, IIT, Kharagpur
2002 Capt.Sharma  
2001 Dr.K.Sudhakara Rao Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

Any organization/Academic Institution is selected by SSI executive committee for conducting NSC based on the application by them indicating their intent. Once selected and communicated the host organization has to accept the full responsibility for preparation and execution of NSC including arrangement for the finance, the Chief Guest and the speakers and has to agree to all the terms and conditions stipulated in existing MOU to be signed between President, SSI and Head of the convening Organization. The letter of intent of the desirous organization should be sent to The President, SSI.

Once the NSC is completed the audited accounts of NSC and the excess of income over expenditure is transferred by the host to SSI within 3 months of completion of NSC.