Journal of System Science & Engineering (JSSE)

SSI   started its technical journal with the publication of ‘Paritantra’.  The journal became quite popular among System Engineers specially control system engineers. The journal ‘Paritantra’ has been renamed as the Journal of System Science & Engineering (JSSE) since Vol. 12 2005. JSSE is brought out twice in a year. The JSSE was given a facelift with change in format for cover page and internal text in 2007

Aim and Scope
Systems Society of India started a technical journal of Systems science & Engineering titled ‘Paritantra’. The journal is primarily devoted to the publication of original research and advancement in the field of theoretical application of Systems Science and Systems Engineering. The journal ‘Paritantra’ has been renamed as  ‘Journal of Systems Science & Engineering’ (JSSE) from vol 12 November 2005 based on the request from members.

The journal is primarily devoted to the unification of themes, the cross fertilization of ideas, identification & characterization of underlying quantitative and qualitative features of problem formulation and general solution to it and the solution of multi-level inter-disciplinary socio-economic, Engineering, economic and technological systems problem of real world in context of national/global development.

The journal has a very wide scope which includes topics: Systems Modeling Methodology & CAD, socio-economic & Environmental systems, Operational Research & Management, Robotics & Automations, Energy systems, Information & Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications & Signal Processing and Aerospace engineering.

The articles covering exhaustive research topic are sought. The submitted article can be Full paper (rigorous discussions of new research, applications and developments), Short Papers (short presentations of new concepts), Survey papers (extensive reviews or emerging research topics or application areas), Technical or Engineering Notes (New useful ideas and brief pertinent comments of a technical nature) JSSE Letters (Letters to the editor about the journal or to the authors commenting on previously published papers). The journal also publishes tutorial, book reviews, and bibliographies.
The technical papers are reviewed by Editorial Board / Reputed subject Experts for originality, archival value of long term interest and direct influence on Systems Science & Engineering. On acceptance by the Editorial Board the paper is published in JSSE.

Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Bijan.B.Das  

Prof.Seetharama Bhat
Dr.Radhakant Padhi

JSSE is published twice in a year. In view of the increase in cost of publication the price per issue has been revised to Rs.300/- from Rs.200/-. The journal is available for subscription to Institutions/Libraries/Individuals at a concession rate ( rate has been revised to Rs.500/- from Rs.340/- per year for two issues). The members who pay Rs.100/- per year are entitled to receive all issues.